Pet Vaccination

Benefits of Vaccinations for your Pet

Having a family pet can be a wonderful experience as they are a great addition to any home. When you are a pet owner, it is important that you care for it as well as possible. One part of this includes taking to a veterinarian and ensuring that it gets all of the care that it needs to be happy and healthy. One service that all people in the Poplar Bluff area will need is a vaccination service for their pets. There are several benefits that come when you get pet vaccinations. 


Protect Against Diseases

Pets today are at a high risk of many different infectious diseases that could put their entire health and lives at risk. Fortunately, many of these diseases can be avoided if you have your pet properly vaccinated. A full vaccination for your pet from a veterinarian can help to protect against the risk of rabies, bordetella, feline leukemia and many other diseases that could put the health of your pet at risk. 

Help Control the Spread of Diseases

While all of these contagious diseases have been controlled with the help of vaccinations, if people stop having their pets vaccinated they will continue to run rampant in the animal and even human population. At the same time, the diseases and mutate and be harder to control and stop in the future. When you have your pet vaccinations done on a regular basis, you will be doing your part in helping the spread of these serious health concerns. 

Pet Vaccinations Legal Requirement

Another reason why you should have your pet vaccinated is that it could actually be a legal requirement. Depending on the community that you live in, having regular vaccinations for your animal could be a requirement. Those that are not able to prove that they have vaccinated their pet could face consequences. Additionally, any boarding service or pet park is going to require that you have your pet vaccinated as it will help to protect every other pet that is on the premises. Without vaccinations, you will be limited in what you and your pet can do.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Next Pet Vaccinations

Having your pet vaccinated is very important. Because of this, you should make sure that you have a veterinarian who provides this service. Those that are in the Poplar Bluff area should contact us at the Hicks Animal Hospital today to schedule an appointment. When you come to the Hicks Animal Hospital, all of your pet care and veterinary services can be provided by skilled and caring professionals. This will help your beloved animal to live a happy and healthy life. 

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