Pet Testing

An Overview of Pet Testing

When you take on the responsibility of owning a pet, this comes with a number of major responsibilities. One of the most important ones is providing that pet with proper healthcare. At Hicks Animal Hospital in Poplar Bluff, we strive to do just that. Our animal hospital provides quality veterinary care along with a wide range of options for pet testing.


Pet Testing is Important

Pet testing by a trained veterinarian is important because the tests often indicate to your veterinarian the underlying causes of various medical issues in your pet. When it comes to medical issues, it is always easier to prevent a problem than to treat it. Your veterinarian can take steps to ensure that your pet remains healthy thanks to a proper diagnosis made from the tests done at our animal hospital.

Tests Provided by the Hicks Animal Hospital

We have a number of different tests that are available to help form a proper diagnosis. These tests include the following:

X-rays:  These are an essential test because they let the vet know what is going on beneath the surface of the skin. This imaging procedure can be used to diagnose broken bones, tumors, and more. The test generates an image based on the different densities of the media through which it passes.

Blood Tests: We also have the ability to run a variety of blood tests. These tests can let us know if a pet is fighting an infection, has lost blood, or is dehydrated. Our lab can look for a variety of abnormalities that might show up during testing.

Urine Tests: Our lab is also capable of testing the urine of our patients. We test a pet's urine to look for signs of an infection, dehydration, kidney disease, and other important issues.

These are only a few of the many tests that we can run at our animal hospital. These tests are valuable tools that our veterinarian uses to prevent medical issues from developing.

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At the Hicks Animal Hospital, we want to make sure that your furry friend stays happy and healthy. That is why we have invested in the latest diagnostic and treatment options in our field. If you live in the Poplar Bluff area and you are concerned about your pet’s health, call us at (573) 686-1281 to set an appointment.

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