Pet Surgery

Most of our veterinarian’s patients at Hicks Animal Hospital in Poplar Bluff come in for routine wellness pet care. Most often a wellness visit, routine grooming, or vaccinations have you and your pet on your way quickly. Unfortunately, there are times when a quick checkup or an accident can turn into something more and sometimes require surgery.


Routine Surgeries

Most surgeries done by our veterinarian are routine. The most common are spay and neuter procedures. These are done to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and also provide a chance for your pet to lessen the likelihood of certain cancers. Pets that undergo spaying or neutering when they are old enough have been found to remain healthier than those who don't throughout their lives. Another routine surgery is to set a broken bone. Animals don't always understand when something can be dangerous, and they sometimes get into situations where they get hurt. A broken bone can be scary for both you and your pet, but most can be fixed easily.

Other Surgeries

Another surgery you may be facing is if your pet has some type of blockage in the intestine. This often happens because your pet ate something it shouldn't have and the object gets stuck and can't pass. This can be scary and is also an emergency. In most cases, however, you will have time to prepare for any surgical procedure your veterinarian feels is necessary. Some things you can do to make things less stressful are:

  • Learn about the disorder and ask questions about the procedure.
  • Arrive early.
  • Ask if you can bring your pet's regular food. The vet will have food for after surgery, but many animals won't eat anything they aren't used to.
  • Ask about aftercare.
  • Trust your veterinarian’s staff.

We Have You Covered

A healthy pet can withstand the trauma of most surgeries very well. At Hicks Animal Hospital in Poplar Bluff, we like to see your pets come in for routine checkups, so we can help you keep them healthy. Rest assured, that if you must face the uncertainty of pet surgery, our dedicated staff will do everything we can to help you and your pet feels as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure. Give us a call today at (573) 686-1281 to meet our staff and let us get to know your pet. Should surgery ever be needed, having a familiar face to count on will help immensely.

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